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(Image: The Danube by Maria Irene Fornes. 2018)

Episode 248, “Turkeys”, from my  original voiceplay, SAFETY IN THE FIELD,  was a finalist for the 2021 Miller Audio Prize, humor division.

Many thanks to performers Paul Bates, Sonnie Brown and Marcos Martinez who joined me on the project.

For a taste of what it means to be ahead of the curve, now that the “voiceplay” or “radio play” or “scripted multi-cast audio drama” has become viable again thanks to streaming and digital downloads… check some of my earlier work in that vein, recorded around 2001-03:

Fans of audio drama/radio plays/voiceplays  please visit the SPLENDOR AND DEATH OF PORFIRIO RUBIROSA /
(fulgor y muerte de porfirio rubirosa)
Here’s a brief teaser, “Scene Six, aka Woody and Stiggis at the YMCA”:

1981-seldesclass2The Young Poet… (ca. 1980)

“Vegetable Medly”. Soundtrack for Guy Goodwin’s gallery show “Give and Take”, a selection of his paintings inspired by fragments of diner menus and supermarket handouts. My idea was that you’d walk through the exhibit with this playing in the background, somehow. ChristianBaskous. Released: 2014. Track 1