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Check back soon for news about Christian Baskous’ new projects.

Update for January, 2018. Happy New Year. I’m excited to appear in Irene Fornes’ “The Danube”.  First public performances coming in early February at The Actors Studio in New York.

Update for November 2017: Among other activities, performed role of “Telegin” (Waffles) in Anton Checkhov’s “Uncle Vanya” in a production directed by Estelle Parsons at The Actors Studio here in NY. Stepped in for jazzman and composer David Amram, who had a festival to appear in. In honor of which I present you with a little touch of Theremin in the night:

Hey, important announcement: Downtown Experimental Theatre maestro Jeff Weiss has some of his classic scripts in print now, by way of Blue Heron Book Works. Available for sale on Amazon. 

I have lately been helping with sound and post production for a new original short film by Ranbir Sidhu, author of Deep Singh Blue and Good Indian Girls. The results so far are wonderful. Stay tuned for more news about “Conquistadors”.

  The original Audio Drama / Radio Play / Modern Voiceplay podcast “Safety in the Field” is now in production, stay tuned. Here’s the latest Teaser. It features Marc Martinez, myself and the inimitable Sam Tsoutsouvas:


Fans of audio drama/radio plays/voiceplays should check out some of my earlier work in that line: “Visit the SPLENDOR AND DEATH OF PORFIRIO RUBIROSA /
(fulgor y muerte de porfirio rubirosa)
go to Rubi (touch the chorine).



Poetry class, 1980 or so. (c)JessicaKatz